Claire Preston for Burnaby City Council

Who is Claire Preston

Hello and welcome to my page. Hopefully you are here because you want to learn more about me before the next municipal election, in which I am running for city council.

I have always loved living in this temperate rain-forest which occupies the unceded land of the Coast Salish people. I grew up in Port Moody and was an active member of my community even as a kid, participating in Girl Guides starting from Brownies up until I graduated high-school; I was involved in community sports like competitive swimming (Go Aquarians, sorry Barracudas they still have my heart), softball, and dance; and for a while I was a Big Sister with Big Brothers and Big Sisters. I became interested in politics as a teenager as I realised that participating in democracy was the only avenue I had to make the changes I see as necessary to better our lives and I started voting as soon as I turned 18.

I have always used my platforms and vote to try to improve our society, but I don’t feel like that’s enough anymore, if I want to see a better world I need to take action. I have spent a lot of time listening to people who are in pain and learning the cause of their pain so that I can champion the best way to alleviate it.

I consider myself to be politically left and a democratic socialist at heart, as more and more studies and real life evidence shows that this is the best way to help people. While people will always want to go out and better themselves and their lives, we need to make sure it doesn’t continue to be done in ways that harm the rest of us.

If you want to see more about what I stand for, please take a look at my Platform and check out the news and issues I regularly share on my Twitter and Facebook.

I’ve heard the saying that if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. If you want to support my campaign, please visit my Support page.